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Quotes and Thoughts

Russia sent a puppy to France as a
very kind and thoughtful gesture when
"Diesel" a trained dog was killed in
the attacks on Paris in Nov.2015.
Diesel was a member of a French
anti-terrorist police unit. The new
puppy will hopefully remind all of us
that the thought is what counts ...
for A Loving Unforgettable Future.

In The NEWS and Other Subjects

 Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are now
 a couple after both have been supporting
 each other from bad divorces. It looks like
 the two best ones of each previous
 marriage have found each other ...
 hopefully this is an  ALU-Future ...
 We wish them ...
       A Loving Unforgettable Future!

 They both give us
 so much laughter
 and good times
 on the VOICE!
  - - - Cheers!

 Did You Know???
An Israeli restaurant is only serving
human beings in their restaurant - not
Arabs and not Jews, just decent human
beings. The owner offers a 50 percent
discount to tables seating both Arab
and Jewish diners. He said they do not
recognize Arabs or Jews, only
human beings

This offer defines the stupidity of some,
and highlights the peaceful coexistence
of humans in Israel and the Palestinian
territories. This is happening at a time
when tensions are at their highest.
Wow! Cool!
What A Loving Unforgettable Future it
would be if this kind of attitude could be
passed along. Call yourself "Earthling".

When one door closes another one opens.
We wish everyone the best of luck if your decision
is based on love. Getting back up after you have
been beaten down is part of the human spirit of love.
Celebrating Life's Beautiful Decisions For Our Future
                                      Albert Einstein once said:
                                    "Nothing truly valuable can be achieved except
                                    by the unselfish cooperation of many individuals."

     However, many times we see something other than cooperation when it comes to critical ideas and social ventures such as conserving Earth's resources and protecting our planet for future generations. My one little voice on this website asks, "Why can't we help each other?"

It seems I can find lots of thoughts and studies about how people cooperate with those they see everyday, like friends and co-workers, but I just don't see much emphasis on how all of us should cooperate with people we don't see - maning our future generations. The question asked here is, How can we cooperate to make good decisions that will benefit the kids of tomorrow, our future?

I see studies where people only cooperate and make good decisions if they know other people will do the same. Many times a personal sacrifice is asked for, yet all those who participate many not sacrifice the same - they scoop up a bigger share for themselves for example. And people don't want to be the only ones who sacrifice.

Dr. Martin Nowak, professor of mathematics and biology at Harvard University, said somethings about this subject and one of them was, "In some sense, this illustrates why the free market fails to solve problems like climate change. Even if you want to cooperate with the future, you may not do so because you are afraid of being exploited by the present." The main attorney at Lebanon Law Office pointed me to this quote, and even on a local basis more and more people are becoming aware of their decisions and how this will influence the future. If this can happen in Lebanon, TN then why can't it happen in all local communities? But ...

How sad is this statement?

On the other hand, education, openness and having an input (a vote) seems to help people. Some researchers found that when people had a vote on how resources would be used today and also saved for tomorrow, and the average of the votes was used to implement a conservation project, nearly everyone participated and nearly every resource was saved.

Does this mean there is hope?

Well, maybe. Some minority of people always dissent. But the majority it seems wants to do the right thing. People in these studies actually voted not to maximize their own benefits but to cooperate with the future. Is this what we mean by making decisions for A Loving Unforgettable Future?  Yes, it's one of many examples.

So, how can this actually happen in the real world?

One suggestion is based on the fact that a large majority of people seem to be okay with policies arrived at through democratic processes, and where participants are actually willing to share the burden of costs that will benefit future generations. In kids' language this means that when most people have decided to do the right thing, then most people will follow along and actually do the right thing too.

Why not YOU!!! You should join with us and do the right things. YOU need to make decisions today for A Loving Unforgettable Future!

Keith Smith of http://tucsonfloodrepair.com
has volunteered his company's services in
most all the recent Hurricanes, including
Katrina in New Orleans LA and Hurricane
Sandy in NJ. He was ready to help out
people in Hurricane Patricia if there was a
strong need for volunteers. However,
thankfully this year was relatively quiet.
Thanks Keith for being there when
people need you the most!
A Loving Unforgettable Future
and a big thank you and hug goes
out to you and your lovely wife!